Reading Scripture Like How We Want To

Today was not a good day for me. A good day is when I can get up and sit down and take up a book and read and go throughout the day with stuff bubbling in my head. A bad day is simply having flu and with that comes the experience of running nose and that’s always a hassle for me. But I guess I’m ok now. I’m in recovery but the bad part has resided which is good. And now I’m sleeping late again which might just conjure up the sleeping demon to wake up again.

I had Synoptic Gospels today and we’re going through Mark and passages in chapter 3-5 which I found very interesting. But somehow we all were stuck on conversations in chapter 3:31-35 and especially when it came to the part to what these verses implied. My lecturer suggested that the teaching that could be derived here was Jesus emphasizing the importance of the spiritual family compared with the physical family. Emphasis on this could be met by the use of “mother and brother” being constantly repeated.

But many disagreed that this would have been highlighted by Jesus. Surely Jesus would not teach something like that. And some argued somewhat vigorously for their opinions. We got stuck on that passage for more than 20 minutes. Or more.

Which makes me think.

Somehow, when we come to read scripture, a lot of the times we come to it with preset ideas and beliefs. We read the bible in the dimension that we think is right. And with that passages we read, we read them with an eye projecting our ideas filling the blank margins in the bible. No one is exempt from this I believe. I guess more and more we have to be humble when we come to the bible and read it. It’s more about listening to what it is saying to us. And this takes humility to practice it constantly. When we read we have to be ready for God’s word to deconstruct our view.

Or are we afraid to let it have it’s way in us?

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