Most are bad days, only a few are marked great.

I carry with me constantly a pen, sometimes a pencil and notebook or when I don’t have a note book, I’d use some old paper bits lying around for writing. I really should discipline myself in carrying a note book.

Like today in chapel some guy was preaching on the book of Judges. He had a Phd in Near Eastern languages which was interesting to note. He must be pretty brilliant. He taught in my seminary last year on Ecclesiastes. It was a pity I did not join that class though. One interesting note that I picked up from the introduction about the speaker was that once he made connections of the OT sacrifice to the use of credit cards. That caught my attention.

Sometimes for me listening through sermons, to lectures, through conversations, ideas just pop up and sometimes I jot down statements that catches my attention. And if I get luck something comes up and I get some ideas on what I would like to convey through those statements or ideas.

Sometimes they just flow and sometimes like today, I’m just stuck with statements. Some of them clever some I guess are too boring for anyone to be interested in.

I have scribbled in a small sheet of paper today:

  • We are not what we do, if that were so…
  • Detached trust on self
  • I’m skillful but I’m useless
  • carrying the cross implies execution
  • dead as in detachment
  • The paradox of human skills and without God we are useless.

I’ve been sitting and I got to write some sentences on a certain thing following the stuff above but nothing meaningful came up. So that post had to get trashed before you thought it was indeed trash. I guess though, sometimes writing is like that. Most are bad days, only a few are marked great.

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