An Unorthodox Advice For Writers

I bought a novel called “The Name of the Wind” because I was browsing pictures of guitars one day and that eventually led me to this book. You could read about the story here. Mark Tremonti is a fan and so I think I should be as well. I didn’t know he read but yeah this rocker reads and it gives hope for me being a somewhat rocker and book-worm at the same time. When extremes meet that spells beauty.

The guy who wrote the book Patrick Rothfuss gave what I would call an unorthodox advice for aspiring writers. The normal advice would be on the actual writing process and usually stuff connected to the skill really. But Rothfuss’ advice was;

Live somewhere cheap.

If you want to know more about what he meant read it here. I can say it’s fresh, his advice and it’s something that would be writers should know about.

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