A Conversation With ‘god’

I had a “conversation with God” today ruminating in my thoughts. It went like this:

It was Saturday, and the room where I stayed in seminary was all quiet and there i was laying on the bed. Fully clothed that is if ever you would try to imagine some funny image in your head. It would do better if I dictated that.

So I was on my bed and then I talked to God. I said, “God, life has been hard on me an all I ask from you is some help sustaining me through my life on this earth. I heard in a sermon the other day about what Solomon asked, not anything else but wisdom. And with that I’m asking for wisdom.”

God answered back, “Is that all that you would like to ask me of just sustenance and wisdom? I could give you more that just those two. You just name your hearts desire.”

I was somewhat shocked at the instant response and with that how God responded. Startled, I questioned, “Am I hearing you right? Ask whatever I desire and…and…it will be given?”

God: Yes, you got that right. You heard right as well. Don’t hesitate just ask.

Me: Ok then, maybe I’ll ask you for a stack of books..or wait..errr, make that a large room full of books that I like!

God: Come on. Just books? Ask for something with substance. Books I can give you any time. Come on challenge me a little.

Me: Gee, ok then. I want the latest gadgets and I’d like a Hummer and a jet and a big mansion and a beautiful and knockout wife.

God: All this will be yours. Wait for it.


I was in a haze really. All the things that I wanted coming true because I asked of God. And as I was lost in the moment a thought came to me. God sounded awfully familiar. I tried to think of where I heard the voice. Sometimes it happens, when your mind just forgets something you know is familiar. And you get all sweaty in your mind trying to remember, looking through every compartment in your head.

And as I was looking in the compartment of thoughts I hear my own voice. I sometimes do that; talk audibly alone. And that’s when I knew, all along the God whom i was speaking to turned out to be myself.

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