Reflections on Happy

I grew up thinking happiness is something that starts when we pursue things that we are passionate about. Things that would simply warm our hearts, things that simply bring us a sense of joy. Things that make us smile broadly, experiences that bubble up and penetrate to every part of our body, a totally infectious disease that spreads a freshness of the morning dew.

There are a lot of things that can conjure up happiness. People; in the form of a boy being able to hook up with the girl of his dreams. Material; a simple gift or the magnitude of a gift, being able to afford or own that dream car, guitar, dress, make up set; well there is more to this than my corny examples and descriptions.

What makes you happy? There, that made it a lot easier because you all know the how to define this. But I think there is another element to happiness that we so often neglect, another dimension or portal that we don’t usually visit.

Here it is; happiness starts with sacrifice, and the sacrifice will determine the magnitude of the happiness journey. This is looking in the future kind of thinking frame. Happiness in this realm causes a lot of itching hearts to grow with frustration not to mention irritation. A sensation of never achieving.

Happiness that walks along the journey of everyday decisions and willing sacrifice is ludicrous, but I hope the reality to this is a prolonged consciousness of happiness, that grows and takes root.

When the mention of sacrifice is associated with happiness it gets a little screwed. It does not mean that sacrifice entails suppression of being happy in the present but it means the constant tracking pieces of everyday life in living right and with that it will somehow train the attitude and emotions of the person to maintain a realistic hold on pain and bliss.

I guess it is hard to put these thoughts in a coherent flow so it’s easy to understand. This is just the way I think and when it get on writing it becomes structured in a way. But if you have anything to add to this, I would like to hear your opinion. This is something I’d like to work on long-term. A ‘subject’ that is somewhat baffling but exhilarating when one sojourns to understand.

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