A Parable On “Who is Right?”

Once upon a time, there was a man named Pip, a Christian,  who was a die hard believer of what we’ll call the neo-fundamentalist camp. He had a neighbor who was also a Christian named Nate but he did not ascribe to the theological belief of his neighbor.

They had many many arguments concerning writing of their two theological heroes. For Pip it was John Piper and for Nate it was N. T. Wright. They would have heated debates now and again. Well their debate heated up when John Piper wrote a book to refute N. T. Wright’s view on justification. They both followed the conversation of this argument on the internet and with that had mines of information to use as facts to dismantle the view of the other. Both of them believed that the other’s theological standing was in shambles and was just an invitation of going off the rail for judgement. (I guess all die hard fans have this sort of predictable inclination.)

One day Pip got a massive stroke and died. Ironically Nate also passed away in his sleep. Their families mourned their untimely deaths. They were both good men, good husbands and faithful Christians.

Another scene unfolds and this was in heaven.

They were surprised to find each other walking the streets of gold and inhaling the fresh life of heaven. Both wondered why the other was actually given the leeway of entering the presence holy presence of God.

So with that they both requested to the angle for an appointment with God regarding this. The question of theology and why they could both be in heaven even though they had very different theological leanings, leanings that sometimes get ugly when arguments of who is right arose.

And so when it was time for the appointment to commence they asked God these questions. And they both spent some 30 minutes talking and bombarding God with their questions. God was listening intently, and somewhat patiently and amused.

When they stopped God spoke. And this was what he said,

“Dearly beloved, you can have a million theological beliefs and I do not doubt that anyone was right or wrong. No one on earth has the final answers to what is supposed to be the right theology anyway. But what I do want from your theologies are in fact their validity to Jesus and to how one can derive from them a way of life that glorifies me.”

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