Actors in a Rut

I wonder if an actor takes time to argue about the validity of his script. Argues whether he does not think his character should say this or do that. That his character should do this or do that. And the actor would not budge until he sees his script is talking about the truth that he believes in.

I wonder if that happens, movies will take too long to finish and we would probably have only a few movies being shown in a year of for that matter, in the space of a month. I think a movie would take more than a few years to finish. That depends if it has a lot of cast and characters. Imagine if everyone argues for his on opinion of what had already been written. It would truly be chaotic. Even someone with a minor role would argue if he or she had just one line and say, “This doesn’t sound right. Let me suggest a better rendition.”  If that happens the script would have to be rewritten and another argument comes up and the script would undergo another change. This could go on and on until there would be no meaning in the movie by then.

It would only communicate a chaotic mess. There would be no message, just snippets of opinions here and there that would not be connected. And in the end the one who wrote the script would be forgotten. It didn’t matter what he wrote, no one appreciated his story or how he wanted it to go.

I guess we are as readers of the bible, often lean more to arguing if what is said is true or if what is written is valid or we tend to argue that the bible is infallible. I guess those are surface level things. Although I’m not saying that in-depth knowledge of those things are important. It’s just that we feel so comfortable to dwell of those issues only and we forget that the bible, as much as we might believe it to be true must be acted out to be faithful to the text.

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