A Smile

I think about smiles we wish they were forever but they are the stuff that fit on occasions. It’s probably best that way. People might think you’re crazy smiling 24/7. and it probably wouldn’t be in the realistic state
we live in. The expression that cumulates after each and
passing mundane moment we live in. We want them to live forever. But seriously that does not happen.

They are the stuff that happens after each eventful mundane day. Like rays of sunlight they end too, and soon we’d embrace their passing as these rays get engulfed by night and there would be just human made flickering lights instead of the real thing. Smiles are often made up realities, just like man made lights they get turned off when the real one comes up. Some smiles are by products of forced drawn frowns made to be hung on walls and in picture frames.

But then some are true, some are real. Some are not masked up pretenses just for the sake of stilling. Some smiles are really born out from the heart, from a wellspring of joy. But with that they come through the harness of broken dreams sometimes, of sorrow deep sometimes, of death that cuts like a knife sometimes. But it’s a wonder they still can exist. Real ones and not just those we pride and hang on our walls.

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