A Conversation with the Past

I’m glad I keep jotting notes, ideas and feelings in my journal.

Why? Because sometimes the past can reignite some sense of direction when the present seems a lost cause. I do not deny that some old memories are painful to remember back but today as I read some of the most depressing things I wrote they have now become my therapeutic form of strength. Sometimes jotting down feeling means nothing at the time they were written but through time they expand and you see a clearer picture of what you went through before.

I was also reading about things that I was very passionate about. And saw how from there they intertwined with emotions of despair. I learned from here about basing ideas of faith and connecting them more to what goes inside the heart of men makes things more clearer. Ideas and the excitement of them are great but if they do not connect with human ways of living then they are just meant for mental exercises.

And I guess today I sat and had a conversation with my past. It enlightened me to seek better days in the present and hope for the future.

And with that I’d like to pose a few questions.

Do you keep a journal? If you do, do you take time to read the things you wrote about? And, what have you learned while keeping a journal?

2 thoughts on “A Conversation with the Past

  1. im in the process of xferring all my old poetry from notebooks to the pc. in doing so i have seen the struggle that has produced who i am today and it makes me grateful.

  2. Reading back old stuff brings back memories as well as make us able to see how the dots of add up. I’m a fan of your poetry, those you posted on your blog.


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