Reading the first four chapter of Hebrews, but mainly focusing on chapter 4:14-16, I jotted down this piece;

I do not seek for a powerful liberator
One that has knowledge as a skillful legislator
Confident in his ways of thinking
A meticulous strategist
who can interpret pathways that can lead to
an eternal plateau of peace and bliss

I do not seek to abide in supernatural strength alone
that has the power to pull me out of my hole
and stand me on great mounting foundations
that would last forever and would relieve me of worries

Maybe my arguments may seem hollow
and repulsive because it looks as though I’ve denied all help
and you would look at me in disdain and sorrow
like burned charred ashes thrown to the wind
they are blown to never return again to their former form
a sorry helpless state of nothingness

But that’s because I’ve heard of one
though his name be far fetched from warring archangels
Far greater than the prophet that lead
the millions to a land filled with milk and honey
a prophet used to part the great red sea and made
the mighty pharaoh’s power seems just like the sting of a bee

This one I tell you of though great, shared our mortal feelings
made into flesh like everone of us, to know how it is to
be made hungry, thirsty and all those mortal leanings
and even greater still he layed his power for
a rebel’s death, hung humiliated, stripped naked
but greater still- defeated our enemy that kills out life; death
and now he stands as mediator for us because
he was made like us, but only greater.

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