Who Inspires You?

I have to say that whenever I get tired of reading academic books and sometimes when studies are strenuous and nothing seems to make any sense, I would go around the library and look at the stack of books and somehow a surge of inspiration runs down and taps me. I don’t know, it’s kinda weird but it works for me.

But in terms of scholars who have played their part in inspiring the need for biblical studies and scholarship, N. T. Wright is one of those when I read any of his books and hear talks and videos he does I hear a voice that is enthusiastic in his endeavors on learning about Jesus and the bible.

With that I wonder who inspires you. It does not have to be a Christian scholar for that matter. I would also like to know why these people inspire you.

(Since I had trouble posting the video go here to watch it.)

4 thoughts on “Who Inspires You?

  1. Jon,

    I don’t know too much of Wright’s stuff, but one of my own ‘heroes’ is Mike Bird, who holds Wright in high regard. So yeah, Mike is probably one of my main influences because of his passion for his studies. I don’t always agree with him but there we go! I also really like Don Carson and Kevin DeYoung, both guys whose theology I agree with and who I think write/argue their points well. I think good writing inspires me, so I also get inspired by good TV writing! Aaron Sorkin is someone I admire, as are the various writers on House. I really appreciate good writing. John Irving is another author I appreciate. This is turning into a long comment… interesting to see other peoples’ influences!

    1. Eilidh,

      I thought the post would be a good avenue to know the people who inspire others. Mike Bird is someone I’ve just started to read one of his books on Paul, and he has a few that I would purchase if i can find them here!

      You haven’t read Wright yet? Funny but then you really should.

      And it’s interesting you noted about writers on screen and those who write novels. I just started reading novels this year. Just getting a hang of thinking about appreciating how the story flows. But nice mentions, ill probably check John Irving out when i have the chance.

      As for Carson, there needs to be no mention, because he is one of those great scholars. I haven’t read anything by DeYoung but I guess I’ll have disagreements with him. But I do from time to time read his blog posts.


  2. Great question. In the Christian leader/scholar world:

    N.T. Wright (big surprise!) — His audio lectures on his website http://www.ntwrightpage.com, changed my entire perspective on the question of “what is the gospel?” He is my biggest theological influence.

    Rob Bell — His teaching style and theological/practical approach fascinate me. I rarely find myself disagreeing with anything he says, and he inspires me to be a subversive Christian leader to change our world…

    Greg Boyd — I appreciate Greg because he has found a way to bridge the scholar / practitioner gap like no other pastor has. I generally agree with his views, and I love his passion for the kingdom of God!

    Others would include Brian McLaren, Dan Kimball, Scot McKnight, Tim Geddert, Mark Baker, Len Sweet, Shane Claiborne, and my mennonite compadre… Shane Hipps.

    In the daily life of Kurt, I am inspired by my Dad, grandpa, my uncle Dennis (RIP), wife, and puppies!

    On the negative side of things, I am very uninspired by status quo hyper-reformed types 🙂

    1. Kurt,

      I guess we both have similar influences. The only ones that I have not yet known or read were Tim Geddert and Mark Baker. I guess family influence me as well, parents and uncles. Parents because of their support and my uncles usually play the mentor to me.And on that side not on what takes out inspiration, i have to agree with that!!!!


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