new life
the smell of morning
the sight to see clearly
joy illuminating
to put to rest anxiety
and slumber of depravity
the wallowing in of worries
the thoughts that took captive
the will buried as useless
is now taken up
in the strides of newness
of hope
and of future.

the thoughts processing
of opening
of progressing
of dependable measure
of cultivation in thinking fashion
of possibility
above the grains of being static
being just organized
of nominal leanings
paving openings to passion
of calling
of urgency
of putting to death complacency
is now taken up with willful courage
in the strides of newness
of hope
and of future.

accusations leading guilt
of sorrow
and pain
it stabs
penetrating deep
cries of loneliness
mounting up
like floods
like storms
like drought
like desolation
walking through desert roads leading to wilderness
nothing touched seems living
no progress
no conquest
of alienation
has now compounded
willful courage
i question the strides of newness
of hope
and of future.

what call
what potential
what passion
what faith
thoughts leaving crippled
in sickness
of waking
not sleeping
not eating
not moving
only stillness
no voices but mine
who takes my side
and share joy
and love
and feelings
and sorrow
and sadness
and blessing
…a testing?
is it not?
probable but maybe
i heard
of anger
and bitterness
and hate
and strife
wars that wage
to where does willful courage strive?
losing newness
of hope
and of future.

in stillness
with thoughts
with reading
with feelings
with sorrow
with pain
with memories
with people
in stories
in life
in studies
in books
in notes
in writing
in melodies that strikes a cord
to believe in passion
in hoping
in faith
in love
in pursuit
in sorrow
in worries
in gain and in loss
in God
in Jesus
in sacrifice and beauty
of taking up courage of call
and newness
of hope
and of future.

…of seeing pain in beauty…
…of seeing joy in striving…
…of knowing nothing is left helpless…

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