It takes a while to realize
when the past holds its grip
it holds you tight with clinched fists
deepens the guilt
buried in a shallow grave
and when you think you’ve missed the greatest opportunity
and run to dig up that shallow grave you dug
you bury yourself further in the past
and in the end it becomes your home
the place you lay your weary head
the place you will forever stay
if only you take the shovel
dig deeper
and deeper still
no trace of the former shallowness exists
no turning back to what was before

You pack your bags and leave that place
the place you thought was home
where joy was evident
and hope was placed
but where you saw your wounded flesh
laying almost frail
and dying because of the need of not letting go
because you thought it precious to hold on
until you realize it best to move on
you finally bid goodbye
sweet memories of the past
good memories of what was
it’s time to move on
and leave the past

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