Mental Exercise

Hours pass by like they were seconds and weeks as if they were days or hours. It’s March and this is when everything in my mind becomes crammed like sardines and thoughts get intertwined and ideas mixed up because of writing assignments. But then again it is not because I’m complaining. The process of writing is always the difficult part but it will eventually get itself done when I start the small process of typing a few sentences on the Word pad.

But if all goes well most of the notes and references from books should be compiled and stored up into meaningful sentences by the end of the month and completed works by the end of April. It makes me wonder about the task at hand to write a book as well as going for higher learning. By that time I’d think i’ll lose my hair or they would turn grew because of all the reading and writing and my back would be bent. A depiction of wisdom I guess.

I still have the task of translating two articles I wrote into Bahasa Malaysia, which is another task and I have to say my BM is really crap. I hope I do it well. And thanks to Greek, I’ll have to be stuck at my table today. I’m only penning this because it keeps my head pumped. I get my mental engines pumped when I think and so it’s good when it happens because i remember things better like that.

And doing all this make me happy. Cramming my brain with thoughts are things that make me pumped. Writing makes me feel alive. Here’s to another couple years of crunch mental exercises.

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