Broken Wings

Experience beacons as I remember seconds when tripping I fell and landed and injured my wings.

I lay numb because of shock and soon after pain enveloped and I was screaming with tears flowing like an unstoppable river.

Far away from the comfort of home where shelter was free and there was no need to look for it. But now with broken wings it has become a task immeasurable to meet. Away from home and shelter, with broken wings my traveling seems to have ceased.

I clutch them tight though still feeling the pain, I try to find some way to numb the pain. Night was approaching and so I carried myself clutching the wings to find shelter, and a place to lay my weary head for tomorrow I thought things would probably get better.

And so night has fallen and the ray of light has since evaporated. It was pitch black. There in the dark, it was me clutching the pain and the beating heart filled with anxiety but still hoping. I hope the night to grant me mercy.

Somewhere in the period of bearing the pain I must have fell unconscious. And in that moment I was raptured in my dreams it seems. I have no recollection of how I entered that world and how strength has invaded my body that was before in pain. But in that dream I had no wings but somehow I was at peace. There in that dream, I shall call it that, I felt free and I ran and I laughed and I saw others who were just like me. Why was I happy there even without my wings?

And very soon, it was morning and I was awake. Nothing much has changed. There I was still with broken wings.  But a new intensity has somehow grown, somehow give some recollection of a hope not lost, just deterred. Even with broken wings there is still hope enough to fly again, and live again.

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