The Thought of Rewriting my Past

If i was given the choice to have a magic pencil to rewrite areas of my life that warrants change and write up my own history I would not hesitate to take up that opportunity. I’d erase most of my past and write up a better story that what I have for now. I wonder what I would change.

Maybe I could use that pencil first to write up how I should look like since I’m not so fond of my looks. I think I’d draw myself to be more of a stud and erase most of my moles and like most people I wish I had a pointed nose and a beard will do, so when I wake up I’d look more macho and not have my baby face to stare at when I look in the mirror. Which makes me see that I need to have me one of those square jaws like models have and a great muscular physique. I think then I’d be happy.

After doing that I’d rewrite my past mistakes and write up a new one that is full of achievements and medals and success. I did not do good in school before, maybe because I was lazy, so in my new write up i’d be more smarter with an above average IQ. That should do the trick because now I think I’m struggling because of i did not do well in school. With that I’d write up awards that I got and the newspaper clippings where I receive awards, coupled with interviews that focus on the great person that I am, the next prodigy.

I think also I’d change my constant struggles with finance and the constant bouts with money problems because it is such a hassle to see yourself deprived before you even make anything of yourself. I’d be someone who had more that he had to own and that would be easy. And thinking through I’d rewrite almost everything about me and with that I’d be someone else. Which is funny. I think that’s really a depressing way to think about all the wonderful possibility of changing the course of your life’s history.

What would be left would be just a grave that said the Jonathan that was before and is gone and is lived on as someone that does not really exist. It was fun to think about it but I’d lose my identity in the process of changing my past. Somehow having life experiences makes us to be who we are and shapes our character to be who we are.

And thinking through I guess I would not change the experiences I have because with them I am me.

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