Why Do I Keep Listening To You?

Why do i keep listening to you? Your whisper seems so sweet and penetrating i guess. You still any form of conscience that wants to convey your betrayal but i shut it as soon as warning comes and knock. I keep it at bay and I listen to you.

I love your sweet deceptive voice and i listen intently to them, like a disciple and follow where you lead. I pledge allegiance even though in heart I know I would be entangled again by your ‘sure’ leading. You point and promise lush meadows and paint my thoughts with blissful thoughts of a paradise that was lost. And with that I lay captivated under your spell.

I listen because you know I am in need and because of that need I welcome you like a beggar welcome even the crumbs people throw out of their access. I taste them and they become like good food enough for my filling. I taste your access and convinced I need more and soon i becomes an addiction. I need it or rather want it and soon I crave it. Please just give me anything you see fit for me.

Why do I listen to you? Because I’m a fool to your deceptive probings and promises. And soon I will surely find myself in shambles listening to you.

You are my emotions, when they are left to themselves without reasonings and thoughtful reflection. Without weighing the cost of following. Without thinking through the pain of what will happen. You are my emotions that most of the time lead me astray when things seems to go well and I make no second thought. A quick fix to a prolonged waiting but in the end it was just a mirage of shattered dreams.

I think that’s what happens when I listen to my emotions and let them run wild.

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