Enjoying Liturgy

I was brought up in a church which I think has charismatic leanings. An indigenous church to be exact. But that would not be the sole reason that we had no liturgy. I think it has much to do with people thinking that having a form and structure for worship made it mechanical, made things seem robotic and not genuine. Well, that was the response I got from some leaders of the church and those who were brought up with that form of thinking.

Some think that liturgy dampens worship as well as vibrancy. And the answer to that would be a service devoid of liturgy, but alive to personal expressions of worship which opened up vibrancy and the energetic sense of expressing yourselves. And people think this is freedom in worship. But I think it also is a set structure in the way a liturgy forms the way the church worships.

Well regardless of what anyone’s opinion is about set forms of worship, I personally find it refreshing because for once I’m given the chance to ‘breathe.’ By that I mean that worship, from what I am familiar with had always the element of getting pumped up. This can be good but a mind that is not in the mode of reflection is a mind not in the ‘mood’ of worship. For me I was able to reflect more and still my soul in a more doable breathing motion. The experiences of kneeling at some point, reading a passage together or responding together as a congregation somehow make me stand in awe as a community is together in one accord worshiping together.

To me, it is an eye opener and I think reading and being influenced by the emerging/emergent conversation (although it is a fad now) opened me up to all these possibilities which i find as a big positive of how the conversation had shaped me in how I think.

As for now though, I think having a liturgy or a set of form for worship is very important. It cuts out outlandish leanings for talking too much or sharing too much. Well, still that is my own opinion. But for now, liturgy is the way to go. I wish elements of free worship and liturgy could be blended in the future.

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