Reflections on the Transfiguration

There are a number of theological values that can be derived from the Transfiguration account .

  1. The first one is that in the midst of impending calamity or uncertainty one can rest assured in future hope which is sure. As we find in the transfiguration account, this experience was not for Jesus but for his disciples. The transfiguration came into the onset of impending suffering which Jesus was to face soon and this would be a drastic turn of events that the disciples would face when it happened. But for the point of validation and reassurance, them witnessing Jesus’ glory before his suffering and death showed them hope that they could anchor their faith to when they understood the implications of what it meant. As for us the readers, we see a glimpse of the narrative in full view unlike the disciples. In the light of this the transfiguration can be a place for us to anchor our faith in the midst of uncertainty and hear the validation of who Jesus is to help us pull through in life.
  2. The second theological value would be an understanding of glory in tandem with suffering. In the midst of the brimming moments of exuberance and glory which we might feel in our relationship with Jesus, we forget sometimes that the reality of following Jesus requires us to count the cost as we follow him. Before the transfiguration that Peter, John and James witnessed happened, after the declaration from peter that he was the messiah, Jesus began to teach them about his impending suffering, death and resurrection. The thought of a messiah that would go through all that Jesus mentioned must have baffled his disciples. As with us, the thought of suffering sometimes is just a passing note we have holding on our faith. Even from gleaning through the transfiguration narrative that we read, the theme of suffering comes again to our attention at the end. With a glorious hope at hand, the journey towards that entails a cost in following Jesus. In the transfiguration, the infusion of glory and suffering take precedence, two paradoxical leanings being converged to relay truth. And in that truth is the reality of glory is also followed by a period of impending reality of suffering.

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