Regretting Greek?

I have a lot of frustration reading commentaries because of the problem where whenever there are citation of Greek words about a passage comes up in the explanation, I lose my train of thought and I have to go over rereading the passage in the commentary again. I have a problem with commentaries but I have to read them and compare ideas of different authors on the meaning of the text over against ideas I get from my own readings based on the text and the overriding context. The initial stages are always the hardest but I like when clouded vision becomes clear vision.

The above ‘excuse’ is part of the reason I got myself signed up for Greek 1 this semester in seminary, to curb the constant frustration i have with a hope of reading commentaries with more fluidity rather than constantly hitting a brick wall.

I have to say that the initial stages of learning was great. I did well and all that but I think now a form of brooding voice of regret is constantly ringing in my mind to quit. I’m finding it difficult to understand English technical methods of explaining Greek grammar. I’m not so familiar with all these things and somewhere along the line I think I’m just some dumb student who has a problem with English grammar because I don’t understand most of the terms.

Am I at the point of regretting the whole idea of studying biblical Greek? I was but just toying with the idea. I can read some of the words and that is good already, but I need to improve. But I hope to get my hands on this book which I saw online form Zondervan entitled “English Grammar to Ace New Testament Greek

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