When Christianity Gets Icky

I’m a Christian, a Jesus follower and I try to do what is called Jesus like. I don’t claim perfection but being a follower of Jesus has been the firm designation for making life as a whole meaningful for me and maybe some countless others who are Christians as well. Although I do not view that every question in life now can be answered sufficiently to make everyone happy, I have assurance in my faith as a Jesus follower.

But the thing that makes me feel at times icky about being Christian is when things get out of hand especially when theology is discussed. There are groups who take theology as important. So do I. I study theology for goodness sake! And so some groups think that their form of theology is the correct one and it is the theology that God mandates and approves of. If someone is not seen to be conformed to their set of theology they might as well burn in hell. I mean this sort of thinking is lacking in humility as well as the fact that theology is our own reflection of what the bible says with careful study. But we neglect the dimension that we can get it wrong and we need the whole catholic church community in conversation for us to clear the mistakes we have.

I do not believe that there is any one denomination that has the perfect set of theology that we all should ascribe to as biblical. Theology is at best an attempt for believers to understand what God is wanting to say to us and doing our best in careful study to make it into a congruent system of teaching necessary for growth. If it is an attempt we carry with caution and study there are bound to be mistakes here and there. I doubt that God, when at his judgement seat, he will ask us what theology we ascribed to when we were still alive on earth.

Anyway what I’m writing here is just a response to the reaction that some have when John Piper called Rick Warren to share during a conference that have Reformed leanings in the form of their theology. See particularly comments made on Justin Taylor’s blog (Justin is ok with Piper’s invitation of Warren). Scot McKnight has a piece on this at his blog entitled “I stand with John Piper,” and by the looks of it, I stand on his views.

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