When Books are Expensive

As a book lover I find it hard to bring myself to convince myself that sometimes it is OK to walk out of the bookstore empty-handed. I manage to calm myself down sometimes but the task gets harder when there are good new books around.

Today for that manner, having some cash which I try my best to spend wisely, I went to the local Christian bookstore to see what they have in store. I haven’t visited the place for a month so I wondered if new shipments have arrived. And as I entered I saw some books that caught my attention. Two for that manner which were Ben Witherington’s “The Indelible Image: The Theological and Ethical World of the New Testament, Vol 1: The Individual Witnesses” which cost RM 140++ and John Goldingay’s “Old Testament Theology Vol. 3: Israel’s Life” which cost somewhere around RM 120++. By the way RM stands for Ringgit Malaysia which is our Malaysian currency.

I asked the person at the counter if they were able to reserve the copy for me. He said sure but they could only hold it for two weeks. I quickly searched for the calculator function on my hand-phone as I’m not a good mathematician unlike Aggie (She loves math which I practically clueless about). From my calculation it looks like I have to find ways to cut my expenditures which has to do with eating. I don’t eat much anyway.

Although money is a problem it does help you take the time to think what you actually are buying and if it is something you need, something like a necessity. But sometimes I kid myself that the things I want are always necessities which is bad.

But this is just a side note to what I would like to encourage the church out there if you have theological student who struggle to make ends meet and in the end have to struggle through to purchase books that are expensive, to help them by setting aside some money for them for buying books. Maybe a group could pitch in and this would help a lot. If you would like to see competent scholars and theologians leading the church why not help them in this area?

2 thoughts on “When Books are Expensive

  1. Yes, Jonathan. Even here and for us I have to really pick and choose. And am blessed with good libraries. Yet some of what I’d like to read I probably never will (actually much). I do hope the day comes when you’ll be able to read all you want (of course books are endless and even those who have big book budgets have to draw lines). Oh the joy of discussing this with another book lover. ha. 🙂 And I do hope you’ll be able to pursue well along the lines of the good gifting God has given you.

  2. Thanks for your comments Ted. I have to really take care of my budget now because I’m studying fulltime, I used to work where it was easier because of the pay and all. Anyway like you said with the kind of budget we all have picking and choosing is the best way!


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