Some Thoughts on Preaching

Preaching is not something I will ever get used to. It is not something that I’m good at. It is something which I constantly tremble with, maybe because I’m not so much a fan of public speaking and the thought of everyone listening intently to what I’m saying is not something I would get used to (or maybe that will be lessened through time).

But graduating and getting my diploma in theology I had to go through countless transitioning to somehow develop a way of communicating. Well I still haven’t got any advice to give yet because it is something that I’m still struggling with. Personally, after every experience given to me to preach, I am my worst critique (well sometimes I try to be satisfied). It’s not that I take lightly that God can work through whatever I talked about but that personally I believe that preachers have a responsibility themselves to do their best to communicate the message.

Sometimes there are some that (this is said in a sad note) who take their responsibility in preaching lightly. Some don’t want to improve the way they preach, may it be in their preparation or method of communication. Not taking into consideration the people whom they are communicating to. Some see the most important thing is just prayer and just preaching. The important thing is just speaking and God will work through the message. So in that understanding the preacher can just ramble on and say they are preaching the word of God.

I feel this is not taking your responsibility as a preacher of scripture in a serious manner. In our setting time to pray and seek God and the leading of the Spirit, there is such a thing as diligent study and the task of developing the skill of communicating. Well, this is something I get frustrated with most of the time, not because I’m a good preacher and that people can follow my way. It is simply disappointing for a preacher to take his responsibility lightly.

For me, if you always feel satisfied, only the gush of being pumped up, feeling always uplifted after every illustration, feeling like you were uttering only God’s words through your voice, and get irritated when people talk less about your sermon, there is a tendency that you are not taking your responsibility as a preacher in a serious manner. I’m not at all talking about being constantly depressed after every done sermon but a constant somber reflection on how we did our work and looking constantly for room to improve.

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