To Pursue or Not to Pursue: The Historical Jesus Studies

On Christianity Today’s website, there is a segment on The Historical Jesus. In it three NT scholars, N. T. Wright, Craig S. Keener and Darrell L. Bock, respond to another NT scholar, Scot McKnight regarding whether we should still pursue historical Jesus studies.

The Main Article
McKnight’s article entitled “The Jesus We’ll Never Know” argues that the future of studies pertaining to the historical Jesus seems to be dwindling, or at best has died down. But though this is the case McKnight contends that this is a good thing because for starters the most reconstructions that tries to recover the historical Jesus end up creating Jesus in their own image. Though McKnight’s position might be that, he is no stranger to the historical Jesus studies having been an insider participating in the discussion. To read the more on his views on this simply click on the link above.

Responding to McKnight
Although McKnight may have his views on the demise of the study some NT scholars disagree with the conclusions given by McKnight thought they applaud his views on the faulty slant the historical Jesus studies seem to plummet to.

N. T. Wright argues (Abandon studying the historical Jesus? No we need history.) that the element of history is vital and important as an element that helps our faith.

Craig Keener tells us that (Abandon studying the historical Jesus? No Jesus Studies matter.) the discussion will not easily go away and if that is the case scholars who are believers have to constantly be there to engage faulty reconstructions of Jesus.

Darrell Bock in his view argues that (Abandon studying the historical Jesus? No we need context.) the historical study gives us context for Jesus’ actions and gives us an understanding about the sources. One note that Bock note is that this discussion is making its way into public interest.

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