Crappy Pulpit Antics

Last week I heard a sermon that made me squirm and frustrated at the same time. Don’t get me wrong here, I love good sermons and sometimes doze off during boring ones but overall I’m someone who listens intently. But when someone goes on preaching about denominational bashing I’m not too happy about that. It is really a sad way to use the pulpit.

Well I guess to say that the preacher was bashing a denomination from the pulpit sounds harsh. He did it in a nice way though. He did not shout or anything like that but he did it in a controlled manner, talking calmly and pointing out facts. But I wasn’t buying them. Sorry to say.

And with all the bashing there was no scripture being read. I applaud the intent of talking about a denomination that he thinks is unbiblical and is going astray in their theology but you might as well ascribe that to yourself if you preach without scripture as well.

Anyways I’m not so much into parading a denomination on their theology and calling them into account, as if it is we who are the ones who have a handle on what is right and wrong regarding theology. We lose the chance to be informed by the vast sea of tradition and theology that we can learn from other denominations. We lose the chance to dialouge and challenge each other to seek a more robust theology that both can ascribe to and seek unity with each other.

With that, I’m tired if preachers want to uphold that only a reformed leaning of theology is the only right theology. Why not rather work on our essentials instead of trying to force our theological standings on others? After all we will always have differing views on things regardless if we say we ascribe to the same branch of theology.

2 thoughts on “Crappy Pulpit Antics

  1. It bugs me when the gospel is left on the side and the propagation of denominational beliefs are treated as fundamental. Thanks for your comments bro.

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