Reformed Rants

As much as it is, although many ascribe to orthodoxy and carry out statements like “being faithful to the biblical truth,” I wonder what they mean by that. The bible tells is to love God with all our hearts, mind and strength and with that it means our whole being. But now it seems like people are reading this in another way. It’s more like loving God with less of the mind, a fixed bent will of the heart to one theological view, and strength to bulldoze anyone that tries to propose another view to consider.

In a way that is something like an alteration of loving God. With that there is no genuine sense of knowing how the bible challenges us to think and constantly restructure our beliefs. It’s as if we never have to grapple with the truth since we have a theological standard now. The reformed group often fall into this category. Sorry if I sum them all up in one lump but I don’t think all reformed groups are bad. Just those who seek to standardize beliefs in a very rigid way.

Recent happenings such as what happened to Bruce Waltkey recently, the news about Rick Warren appearing on a reformed conference, the resignation of Peter Enns following his book entitled “Inspiration and Incarnation” a few years back, controversy surrounding N. T. Wright on justification and countless other stuff out there that just makes for really bad press.

I have never really understood why so many do not see the need for dialogue and conversation, of charitable discussions that lead to understanding and if there be disagreements there is no need of backbiting and saying someone is headed to hell. If Jesus’ call to us in his prayer before his crucifixion was that we may be one, did he not foresee that there was going to be diversity in our thinking of things? If God had wanted us to have a structure of what to believe in a systematic controlled system why did he not put his Word in bullet forms rather than a collection of books which was diverse in its literary form?

And with that we should probably blame God for creating such a confusion among us of what to believe because God’s book was not systematic, was full of narratives and he even had some very disturbing things to say as well. If anyone was to blame it should be God then. He is the one who makes things difficult. But I don’t think we would sprint to that direction but I does breed a little logic of who is to blame.

Well I’m just tired of the crap that comes with reformed leanings, I have those as well, but for goodness sake grow up and just listen for a change.

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