Why I’m not a Fan of the Word ‘Success’

In a world that is always progressing in the spirit of IPhones and IPads, to constantly bombarded with gadgets by the bulk of them every week, job promotions and the need to keep right up with competitors, I guess we have to make way for change once in a while. Or maybe every time we have to, or simply need to. We’d be swept away by competition if we simply sit and do nothing.

But what if there is a period in ones life where things are on a stand still? I’m not talking about in the space of a year. Lets say 5-10 years. Looking for meaning and perspective during those moments would be mostly feeling like crap. Lets say you’ve been praying nonstop about your situation and nothing seems to budge, no end of the tunnel experience. You would soon rest your weary hopes on the bed of depression and sleep with that vile lover for most of your hard moments.

And you look around feeling intimidated at any sign of other people succeeding and feel like a wimp having been told that you were a person that had a lot of potential. But now no one talk about what they supposedly said before and soon you become a forgotten ‘would have been star’.

Those around you counsel, you must do this and that, some attribute your so called failure to generational curses, some say it might be an un-confessed sin and all that sort of crap. The band of Job-like friends advise comes and give you a theology of God and success and tell you that it must be something you did that brought the wrath of failure to your front door.

But some situations there is simply no explanation to it. They come like a thief in the night and escape from you like a thief as well. The only problem is you don’t know when the time they will eventually leave will come.

And so you struggle in the appointed moment thinking about your situation that feels like crap and seems to be nothing but making you ripe for the grave. But how does one respond to situations that impinges failure and failure that entails a situation that is prolonged? How do you cope in times when nothing seems to go right?

Is there hope still for the downtrodden? For the failed thought to be hot shot? Or are we too busy applauding the success of those we say have been doing a good work and are blessed because of evident success. And we clamor and poke each other to get noticed and be acquainted with them regardless.

And with that we simply have forgotten that those who are blessed are the marginalized as what Jesus said. And those whose bread is more what we would call shame compared to what we think is acceptable. We give good seats to the well dressed and having and simply make no eye contact with those who cannot afford even decent clothes. But we shrug off the idea that Jesus actually said the marginalized are the ones blessed.

We forget and so we keep ascribing to a ‘better’ understanding of those in the right hand of God we say. It’s those that have things, who have achievements and have them ready on display. I guess James the brother of Jesus might just as well tell us straight in the face to take a look in the mirror.

At this point we judge a person by the many toys he or she has, the bulky resume’ stuffed with great achievements he or she has, or better still a cabinet or wall filled with accolades of endorsements. We applaud them who have success. And then we say God love us unconditionally and he cares for us, yet we show a theology that speaks less of that and more of like saying “God loves those who help themselves.”

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