Jesus Paul and The People of God: A Theological Dialouge with N. T. Wright

This conference has to be a wet dream for scholars and those who have themselves been influenced by the writings of N. T. Wright in particular! I have to admit that I am a huge N. T. Wright fan. Along with Wright, are some really fine scholars as well.

To hear or download the lectures simply follow this link.

The topics discussed are as follows:

Friday April 16
Richard Hayes Knowing Jesus: Story, History, and the Question of Truth |

Marianne Meye Thompson The Gospel of John Meets Jesus and the Victory of God |

N.T. Wright Chapel Message |

Brian Walsh and Sylvia Keesmaat ‘Outside of a Small Circle of Friends’: Jesus and the Justice of God |

Nicholas Perrin Jesus’ Eschatology and Kingdom Ethics: Ever the Twain Shall Meet |

Wright, Hays, Walsh, Keesmaat, Thompson, and Perrin Panel Discussion |

N.T. Wright Jesus and the People of God: Whence and Whither Historical Jesus Studies and the Life of the Church | 7:00p
Flash video | MP3 download

Saturday April 17
Kevin J. Vanhoozer Wrighting the Wrongs of the Reformation? The State of the Union with Christ in St. Paul and in Protestant Soteriology |

Jeremy Begbie The Shape of Things to Come? Wright Amidst Emerging Ecclesiologies |

Edith Humphrey Glimpsing the Glory—Paul’s Gospel, Righteousness and the Beautiful Feet of N.T. Wright
N.T. Wright Paul and the People of God: Whence and Whither Pauline Studies and the Life of the Church |

10 thoughts on “Jesus Paul and The People of God: A Theological Dialouge with N. T. Wright

  1. Thanks for letting me know about this! I heard he was doing a conference back east but what a line up! This will be a most helpful resource. Have a great week jon.

  2. I guess I shouldn’t mention that I had a chance to go to this conference, but wasn’t able to at the last moment. Maybe I should have tried harder.

    1. Matthew,

      You really should have tried harder, but the consolation to that would be this resource can be accessed free which is superb, basically for me who is overseas and it seems an impossible way to attend conferences like this.

  3. Just got back from the conference… what an amazing experience. So many issues at hand. All were handled with humility and excellence.

    1. Edwin,

      You actually were there to listen to these scholars?!!! I sure wish that I was in your shoes! I’m in the process of downloading the lectures and I listened to what Hays and Vanhoozer had to say (well not in their entirety but when i have the time I’ll listen to them more intently.) But as you mentioned, the issues were “handled with humility and excellence.” Though there were disagreements but the spirit of dialouge which in some Christian circles I found really lacking, this was indeed a breath of fresh air. I enjoyed the humor in some of their lectures!

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