Either or?

(I could not think of a proper title so I just jotted the one above.)

There are times
when looking
and knowing
means that you dig
what was buried
what was meant to be hidden
and to put them to light
slays your heart into pieces
piercing the pain
and going through deeper
it wounds you

There are times
when you think truth is sweet to swallow
and it plays down in the mind
and you prepare it a bed to sleep
and wake it up
oh how the morning is sweet
but as times reveals
truth is a bitter taste
and sometimes it can eventually kill
when truth is seen as a wielding killer
when all it brings is pain
you sigh in disdain

There are times
when you think lies are ugly
and you try not to associate
give room to house it
or any form of warm invitation
because it’s really evil
just like that of the devil
but soon you succumb and say welcome
the slow murderer has entered
it does not hesitate
but ever so subtle
without a haste
to kill
thus obeying its lust

So then which choice is better?
only having two
why not a third
or more for that matter
a multiple array of variables
but there is no middle
just truth and lies
both having the capacity for hurt
both soothe in their own way
but only one would lead you to
the abiding light
but paradoxical returns
as long as we are in this world

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