I’m not a Fan

I’m not a fan of Manchester United. The football club (or soccer club) that is one point below Chelsea in the premier league. They might be a good team and all that but they are just cry babies always giving good excuses whenever they lose. Therefore I’m not a fan of theirs. I have my biased leanings.

I’m not a fan of strange foods. I tried dog meat, but not insects yet. I’m not so much into exotic food stuff. I’m not fond of liver. Makes me want to puke. Well thats graphic so I’d suppose you would want me to stop there.

I’m not a fan of fundamentalism, the term that just makes a bad name for itself. Well, the term ‘reformed’ now has taken up the torch of fundamentalism. Not that it has narrow leanings, but just that I has no patience to listen and hear.

Though I’m not a fan of all the things above I can bear with them and all. It’s me not being a fan of being sick is what really bugs me. Flue, fever and a mild stomach ache. I definitely am not a fan of being SICK!

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