Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is the start of failure. But who in the world does not have a fear of failing or being a failure? I find that as my constant struggle. I fear to fail because sometimes it can somehow create a scar-like shape in the soul of the person. Crippling effects like this stunts progress. Do you fear to fail as well?

a nemesis that constantly stalks at my door
telling me what I know from before
weaknesses that are not hidden in hind sight
bearing evidence in the light

it is best to not take a step least
the darkness falls its engulfing mist
to swallow any ray of light that still shines
and wallow me in shame i call mine

failure is my constant critic
for stagnant seats i find all soothing
but all this bouts leave me torn and crippled
for prolonging days mounts up
and with it lies a soul that’s buried
for fear has taken reign if I’m not able
to carry the weight of failure to its grave.

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