Going Green?

Going Green is the new fad .Well, it’s something I hear emphasized constantly from movie stars, to big name companies and even now in christian circles as well (which is a good thing because the implication of God as creator is that we as his followers are to love his creation and take care of it).

Saturdays, as it is mentioned in supermarkets is no plastic bag day. A call to going green but the funny thing is that there is an option for customers to purchase plastics if they wanted. So with the intent of ‘saving the enviroment,’ the option of being able to purchase plastic bags is a contribution to the big money-making supermarkets to make profits out of selling their plastic bags. Another way of going green I figure.

Famous stars on TV are also advocates of going green, and saving the environment. With tips such as using light bulbs that are environmentally friendly to driving cars that are of that category as well are some suggestions given. But with the people, their houses get bigger and their spending mount up more than their call of going green.

Picking up a public worldwide initiative of turning the lights out for an hour is a good way of starting a habit that would contribute for nationwide awareness of saving energy. But such is the case of public display of good intent, it always stays that way. Nothing much is contributed. No one ever applauds nations where electricity is scarce and the thought about saving energy is not something done but something they live with daily.

I guess I’m probably cynical at all these efforts, not because they have no good intent. But the thing that makes me cringe with disappointment is that I feel there needs to be more serious suggestion made if people are really serious about going green and saving the environment. Simply just being voices does not mount up to sustaining intent of being proactively involved on a prolonged basis of going green.

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