Horton on Wright

Michael Horton has reviewed N.T. Wright’s book “After you Believe” and it appears on Christianity Today. You can view it by clicking this link here.

In Horton’s review he critiques Wright’s criticism on the Reformers stance towards virtue. What Wright proposes is actually what reformers have all the more emphasised, according to Horton.

“In spite of the rich and varied discussions of virtue by the Reformers, the Puritans, and a host of Protestants since, Wright asserts, “Basically, the whole idea of virtue has been radically out of fashion in much of Western Christianity ever since the sixteenth-century Reformation.” Since we are justified through faith apart from works, “why bother with all this morality? … That, in fact, is more or less what Martin Luther declared, thumbing his nose at the long medieval tradition of virtue.””

According to Horton Wright’s critiques are off-base and that is in his thinking what weakens Wright’s book. This is not to say that Horton has nothing good to say about the book though. Horton ends with this:

“While there are many good biblical-theological studies that make the same points, Wright—ever the master of metaphor and turns of phrase—is especially effective in communicating the richness of the Bible’s eschatological horizon to a wide audience. Nevertheless, his imprecision about the views that he targets for criticism is careless, depriving him—and his readers—of resources and allies for a message that is on so many points a vital and necessary corrective.”

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