Just a Claim

Unity is a claim we all adhere to. But the out working and modes of how it is therefore achieved is often disputed. It’s something we love to talk about and idealize but the task of laboring to attain it is not deemed important. Unity then is just a much loved catch phrase that we wear proudly like badges but in practice suck at it big time. We applaud the message but not the practice. We embrace the idea but push away what the idea implies. We love the prayer Jesus gave yet hate it at the same time. And so unity is just a claim still awaiting to be attained.

Love is an important element that is embedded in our faith. Without love there would not be such a thing called sacrifice. Nor should it last when polled together with faith and hope. It says love is the one that lasts. But like unity, love is also one of those words and creeds we ascribe to in theory (if there is something like a theory of love) but never more in practice. Our mouths are flowing with the message of love but we say “To hell with the fags,” for example or “your theology warrants you to hell.” There are more examples but love is not something we are good at. We love more in words than in deeds. James the brother of Jesus might as well swat our loveless actions because of that.

The forgiveness of sin is often preached that God loves us and our sins are forgiven. But as far as that truth is known, we don’t forgive people easily. It’s definitely a ‘God thing’ not a human thing for that matter since it is impossible. When someone does wrong we like the idea of the divine forgiving and pardoning but cringe when it is us who have to do it. Forgiveness is messy not to mention the reality of imperfection interlaced with it. We more or less are holding a banner that reads, “God forgives but his followers cringes at his decision.” We in truth are slow to forgive but fast to shoot down.

Church is something we claim to understand. After all we are called the church when we are Christians. Sunday is a day when we say we go to Church. But an understanding like that is a reminder that we have not grasped the meaning of church altogether because we treat church as a place or more likely, an event. Gone is the understanding of church entailing community and togetherness. Scripture, especially the NT letters are read with an individual stance, which to me should be corrected. Paul for that matter never intended that one person benefited from reading the letter. It was meant for a community hearing if that should be made known.

Looking through the aftershocks of seeking meaning in a claim, a full-blown profession only comes alive is there is lively expression. Well, lively not in the sense that we have to make things hype, making life lived loud. Like how they commercialize events or things like that.

It’s sad sometimes, having a faith we are convinced as “the one” but clearly live it out in the way that it becomes just a claim. A claim only for the mouth to savor. Am I pointing this fault at anyone? Am I a righteous freak and telling others that they are living their faith in the veins of just a claim? Sometimes I do that, I have to admit though. But sometimes I wonder myself, I’m more like everybody else. I do, from time to time live my faith in the realms of just a claim. It’s sad. Having a faith so true but living it invisible.

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