Woman burned alive, kiosk workers refuse to lend fire extinguisher

I just read this rather sad article about a woman, who was trapped in her burning car. Her condition could have been helped had the workers of a nearby petrol kiosk simply lent their fire extinguishers to a passerby who was on the scene of the mishap.

The desperate call of the passerby who wanted to help was met with a cold response to simply call the fire department for help.

It is a frustrating thing to read I have to say. Reading this made me think of the cycle of sin.

The manager of the petrol station mentioned stated “that the attendants’ reluctance may stem from a fear of being robbed, as this was a frequent problem in the past.”

Past mishaps of people crying wolf paved way for a cold response from the petrol kiosk workers. That somehow numbed their senses to the cries of real situations that warranted swift action.

It’s a cycle you see. One thing leads to another. Sin is a cycle and it is a cycle that leads to a cold-hearted outlook on being safe, regardless if the situation calls for it.

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