No More Isolated Readings

It’s a few days to the due date of an assignment that I have to pass up. The essay is on proposal of structure for the synoptic Gospels (Mark, Matthew and Luke). I’m reading some piles of books and somehow trying to strand my findings in a proper coherent structure and not isolated notes.

Reading through books and going through the three Gospels, I see the need of us reading them as a coherent whole. That means reading each Gospel not in their isolated teachings, where we derive a teaching from a few verses.

This is may be a daunting task for anyone to say the least but this comes with its rewards as well.

From this the reader can see the emphasis that each Gospel author structured his gospel. Each had his own emphasis and perspective to influence his writing.

For example Mark focused more on Jesus’ miracles compared to Matthew and Luke. Mark also was highly critical of the disciples compared to Matthew and Luke. There are many more things that can be cited here but I’ll leave that for later when I’m done with my paper.

So with that, I’ll be throwing off the notion of reading the Gospels in isolated verses. Gone with the old way of reading them to a reading that was intended for understanding them. Reading each Gospel in their entirety.

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