(absolute) Truth

It’s common for people, if they want to emphasize something, apart from just saying, “I’m telling you the truth,” we emphasize the weight of our truthful confession with, “I swear I’m telling the truth.”

As if saying that, there is such a thing as a truth that is half of what being truthful means. Well that’s how the world works. A word designating something being absolute, has to be emphasized again with another word.

One example that comes to mind is when Christians for some reason want to use a designation such as ‘absolute truth.’ What’s wrong with something being just ‘true’? Isn’t ‘true’ enough to mean something is true; as what it is?

I guess, when we start to play homage to elevating truth as being absolute, it wrecks what truth is supposed to be; something that represents something to be true. Which for me is a designation enough without trying to add anything to it.

It’s like when we talk about Jesus. About how we explain that his sacrifice for our sins and us repenting and believing in him in changed living is what makes our salvation a reality. Nothing to add to there. Just the thing about trusting Jesus. We don’t have to add anything to that.

The other thing that crops up with the ‘absolute truth’ thing would be, there is no room for discussion or dialogue. It’s an open ended kind of talk. It’s like saying, “Since I’m telling you about something being absolutely true, what’s the point of you trying to argue with the points I made, or try to find weakness in my argument? Since in the first place it’s absolutely true?” To me that makes for bad conversation. Conversations that do not lead somewhere.

To me, what we carry forward with this designation; absolute truth, brings about some explosive repercussions that are enough to cripple our standings. To me that’s bad. Though I do not think that it will affect the large community that believes in Jesus, it does paint us in the press as really bad people. We might be able to argue our way out of that but it will be hard. So if that is the case it is better that we watch how we say stuff out to others.

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