When a Team Becomes Disjointed

Disunity breaks the resistance of passion and make personal induced feelings of hurt get the better of following through a dream or a vision. Disunity puts masks for us to wear, where we see there are those that are accusers and us the victims. Disunity makes a sweet-smelling aroma into rotting vile meat that was left for days. Disunity paints a picture of what has become of a great intention, well mostly the outcome of it I have to say.

And disunity is greatly depicted when a team that was supposed to be a team, even with great players who can easily unlock defenses, look like a crappy looking bunch, all whiny and wanting their own way at things.

I’m watching the world cup and the French team clearly depicts a sad metaphor of the ugly truth of disunity. I think it is something for us to heed.

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