Sometimes when Preaching

Sometimes when preaching, which I do not do often, I wish thought patters were better conveyed once they made their way through speech. Great thoughts and ideas become lame communicated ideas sometimes. It makes me wish I could just open my brain and let the ideas speak for themselves. Well I think that wouldn’t work because they will not make sense and I’d probably be dead by then. That wont help a wee bit.

Sometimes when preaching, sometimes I wonder what’s in the mind of the listeners. Are they thinking, “Nice points made,” “Great insights,” or “Boring,” “Are you kidding me!!!!” Well I see faces frowning, yawning, blinking, scratching, amused, dismayed, or maybe I’m just over-playing it.

Sometimes when preaching, I kick up my nerves and things sort of go smoothly until I read a note I made that does not make sense reading it up front! I can feel the sweat pouring down like rain now!

Sometimes when preaching, I pucker up and think to myself, yes yes yes. I did just great, such profound thoughts I conveyed. The latest argument from this so and so scholar. I sure branded myself as one of the learned. I get so full of myself sometimes that I was merely dreaming.

Sometimes when preaching, and I’m up there and talking and sweating and thought I messed it up. Down and disappointed someone comes up and point to the great stuff you said and how thought the sermon it opened their eyes to see the scripture and God in a different light. That’s always good!

Sometimes when preaching, I’d like it to be more focused on Jesus, the preaching and preparation. Hey, if i messed up it’s not the end of the world. Work on it, I still need that.

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