A ‘green’ Confessional Prayer?

(I don’t propose to be an expert in matters leading to environmental care as it is still a vast area of understanding that I’m slowly heeding. But as a start maybe we can confess our sins of negligence corporately as the people of God, renewing our theology of God as creator and us as stewards.)

Dear Lord,

Creator God, in your creation I stand in awe, in wonder, at your depth of insight and wondrous wisdom. Thank you for the world we live in, where we have ample air to breath and water to quench our thirst. Thank you for the supplications in terms of material in which we use for daily life, food, oil, minerals and all that. Forgive us Lord for being negligent when we sometime unknowingly throw litter but most of all knowingly do the despicable thing. We till the ground till it is un-tillable, used more that we should in terms of water or food in which we sometimes over indulge like in radical hunting sprees. And we consume too much in terms of comfort in the use of air-conditioned appliances wanting instant gratification of ease and not heeding the impending danger we put ourselves in terms of our environment.

At best God, we’ve lost focus on being good stewards to the land you gave for us to till and work on. Instead of being responsible stewards we rape the produce of your land, your gift and make it a waste. Not that we want to be hard core environmentalists but Lord, bearing your image also constitutes us to believe that we should take good care of where you put us; earth.

We said that we should focus more on the essentials, on salvation of people but in that statement we neglect the part of our responsibility as stewards of the land and of the whole earth and everything in it. In that manner we realize that we are not saved for the sake of escaping this, as we used to say it ‘pile of garbage’, forgive us for that, earth for heaven but ultimately a new heaven will come down and merge with the new earth.

And so Lord we confess our failings as your ‘image bearers’ for the task you call for us to do. Help us in our understanding. Strengthen us to boldly apply and live out our calling, not as before but in a holistic manner.

In Jesus name. Amen.

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