A ‘Safe’ Way to Cuss?

I hear a lot of profanity and people using the F-word to stress a point. So it goes F this and F that and people go all rowdy laughing because the point was made and with the F word. It carries the meaning and emotion of the whole sentence. The more the F word is used the more stress is intended on what is communicated.

Similarly this type of thought pattern can be found in religious circles as well. Some people are simply in the business of bearing false witness and borrow the authority of God’s name.

Like someone teaching or preaching from the bible. Just because the person is the pastor, a well respected man in the community or whom people look for guidance from does not mean that what they teach is the absolute word of God. People can disagree with them. But if these preachers take offence and go into a defense that this is the word of God that he or she preached I think something is amiss here. And then they quote passages that we are not supposed to go against the LORD’S ANOINTED just to stress a point.

There are those who use God’s name and the identification as a Christian to cheat. I know plenty cases that fit this description. Why not? Because my family was at the receiving end of a so called ‘revelation of God’ in terms of being blessed materially. What a bunch of gibberish and rubbish talk. Asking God to represent something that he initially does not approve of.

So in a way someone, or any Christian who does not cuss outright does indeed cuss by using God’s name in this manner.

Read more on this in this Article from Christianity Today entitled “Vainly Naming the Name.”

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