God the Drama Queen?

A God we are comfortable with is a God who is controlled and shows the least bit of emotion. I mean in real life as well we get uncomfortable with people who get emotional, who cry suddenly or get raving mad at something in an instant. I try my best to keep a controlled look myself. It works for me. So in a way we do want God to fit the ‘controlled’ type of persona.

I read an article by Mark Galli of CT entitled “Divine Drama Queen” and found it rather refreshing. It’s a cleaver piece, geared to jolt our minds about God. He did that for me in the book “Jesus Mean and Wild,” which I must say I liked because it kicked my ass in a way of what I thought about Jesus. We like to think of Jesus as the nice, mild and lovable man. But reading the bible opens our eyes to someone quite different from what we thought to be. But, yes, Jesus is meek and loving, even forgiving but that’s not the whole picture.

Like wise God is not all what we think about him to be. So take some time reading the piece by Galli.

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