Metallica Goes to Church?

I have been toying with the idea of forming some teaching of sorts using bands and their music as a platform of seeing God or hearing God if you will. I had a few posts on my blog a couple of months (or a year back) on heavy metal music (How Heavy Metal Can Teach us Devotion) and Metallica (What we Can Learn From Metallica).

Pastor John Van Sloten has done just that, preaching and writing a book on “the day Metallica came to church” (or go here for more details) with a positive vibe. You might be cringing when you read ‘positive’ because, in a stereotypical way, the is no positive message gained listening to Metallica (other than having some needed physical workout in a head-banging frenzy that is).

I can’t comment much yet, but reading the first chapter of the book, which you can for free does do much to wheat my appetite to read the whole book and how he presents this rather intriguing subject. Meshing Metallica and Church and God together is a tricky thing to do. Nevertheless, I reckon this book will open up conversations particularly among heavy metal lovers.

I guess since it’s a good time for me to quit toying around and develop some ideas on teachings or preachings around bands and their music as a platform of hearing God.

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