Sustaining a Vision of God

It’s all to simple sometimes. When the world hounds us or pitches its fork towards our puny body, the initial reaction we feel is “Why me?!” I don’t think we’d be as pious as Job, where when he had lost almost everything, he fell to the ground and worshiped God.

Well most of us don’t even get close to Job really. Maybe some do. I know I don’t have that kind of Job-like attitude. I’d ask the why question and sulk a little. Ok, maybe I’d sulk some more.

Lets face it. When times get tough, God seems like the Devil. It’s funny how it sometimes is like that and we don’t realize it. That in times of distress, our focused contemplation of God is somewhat marred to the point of disintegration. Our view of God becomes blurry and it distorts to a culpable image of an opposite figure.

It’s hard to maintain a sustained vision of God in our current society. Where belief is a being caring enough to care for his created beings seems like something made up in fairy tales. Some call it an escape mechanism from reality.

Have you ever struggled with sustaining a vision of God before? What had helped you sustain your vision of God in trying times?

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