Vanhoozer on the Net


The Inerrancy of Scripture

Hyperactive Hermeneutics: Is The Bible Being Over-Interpreted?

Body Piercing, The Natural Sense & The Task of Theological Interpretation: A Hermeneutical Homily on Jn 19.34

The Promise of Consensus: Towards a Communicative Hermeneutic

Worship at the Well: From Dogmatics to Doxology (and back again)

Theology & The Condition of Postmodernity

Theological Education & The Church: The School of Theodrama, Notes &Questions

20th Century AD

Response to Kostenberger’s Review of Drama of Doctrine, May 2007 [original review]


The Stage, The Story & The Script

Doing Church: The Theatre of the Gospel

The Strange New Status Symbol of the Cross

Book Reviews by Vanhoozer

Lundin, The Promise of Hermeneutics

Greene-McKreight, Ad Litteram: How Augustine, Calvin and Barth Read Genesis 1-3

Eberhard, The Middle Voice in Gadamer’s Hermeneutics

Interviews & Profiles

Creating a Theological Symphony

Experience the Drama

Interview with Guy Davies

Writing on Vanhoozer

On Determinate Meanings In Texts: A Comparison Of the Hermeneutic Theories of Kevin Vanhoozer & Stephen Fowl

Mapping Biblical Literature & Theology With Kevin Vanhoozer

Meaning, Intention & Application: Speech Act Theory in the Hermeneutics of Francis Watson & Kevin Vanhoozer

For detailed information (like dates and where and when articles were written)  go to Theology and Ethics.

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