Simply Christian (Sort of a Review)

(Something I wrote back in 1st Sept 07. Well now in its revised form)

Well I’m trying to see how much I absorbed from N. T. Wright’s book “Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense.” Again I have to say that, in books by Wright, you simply have to read them in their entirety to nudge out the things he has to say. Anyways, it is always a pleasure reading his books.

Wright introduces Christianity by telling us that there are four echoes that are constantly at the fore of life. It’s what all humans have an urgency towards; justice, spirituality, relationship and beauty. These are the tenants that all humanity have that tells them there is something more.

The next part he talks about the story of Christianity. Not something detached form the OT, but something merging out from the Israel’s story. We don’t hear much of this in the a conventional way of how people present Christianity. The four spiritual laws might be a good example. In the introductory proceedings of part 2 he tells us that a Christian or Judeo-Christian world-view of spirituality and earth is not a detached understanding, nor is it on equal basis but related in an interchangeable way.

The last part of the book he talks more about the content, if you will, of the Christian faith. By this i mean, things that Christians do that forms their pattern of life (worship, prayer, church).  It’s not exhaustive in a sense but enough to present Christianity or in another sense re-introduce Christianity.

Concluding, to say the least, as always, N. T. Wright’s writings have always gave me more than just nuggets or gems. He rather gives you a grand picture from which you can gaze at the magnificent beauty of what he paints in it’s entirety and it also has the capacity to captivate your sights on the details that make up the whole portrait. People in the east would call this experience where one attains ‘nirvana’ while westerners might call it ‘enlightenment.’

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