Problems With a Literal Adam

Some years back my youth pastor relayed a question that a new believer was asking. It went something like this, “If God created Adam, the first man, and Eve, the first woman, then how did the other races come into being from the coming together of the first pair of human beings?”

That got me scratching my head. With that there are problems with reading a literal Adam and Eve and questions that would raise some difficult questions to answer. So, is there a way to find some sense of resolution?

There might be a probable resolution to this.

First, Genesis was not written to be understood literally. A lot of what we can find in Gen.1-2 are understood in figurative speech and description.

Second, we have to read the narrative of Gen.1-2 as how readers of the past would have understood them, and not in a highly scientific way.

Third, in that manner plowing through, The narrative of Gen.1-2 simply tell us about God being the one who created humans and that in contrast to how ancient Near Eastern ideas go, human were created with great care and worth rather than just from the spit of the gods.

To read more on this go here.

8 thoughts on “Problems With a Literal Adam

    1. Elisha,

      I’ve been asking the same question about dinosaurs as well but obviously people back then didn’t know anything about dinosaurs and had not thought about writing about the existence of them for that matter. I guess what we do and can know is that God is creator and if dinosaurs exist, its a good bet that God created them. Well, this does not make the bible false by not stating the existence of them hehe.

      1. Dinosaurs was very big and dangerous reptiles that ever live in this earth. So to say, the earth won’t be a safe place for human to live. Maybe that’s why God sent a big meteor to exterminate these reptiles to give way for the grandest God creation.

        What say you? Does it make sense?

    2. Elisha,

      That can be a theory that we can use but there might be others as well but at this point im not sure about other theories out there. If I do stumble on some of them im sure to blog about them here.

    1. graceshaker,

      Literal or not, i guess we need some openness to this question. To stick only with a ‘only must be literal adam’ has its downside in answering some questions. I’m still searching for a better explanation but as of now I guess I’m more convinced by what I’ve presented above.

  1. hahahah..the bane of theological education. Suddenly almost everyone in the bible is myth. 😀

    But on the other hand, only when we read the bible carefully that we realized we have been careless in reading the bible.

    Keep it up bro!

    1. steven,

      Yes, carelessness is something we’ve all struggled with especially in reading the bible. Thanks for your comment!

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