Coffeehouse Theology (A Review)

I’m happy to be a part of and thanks to them for sending me “Coffeehouse Theology: Reflecting on God in Everyday Life” by Ed Cyzewski who blogs at In a Mirror Dimly. Being busy with seminary and reading assignments and all, it’s good to read a book on a relaxed scale.

Ed Cyzewki’s book is something that the church needs especially the Malaysian churches, the context where I come from. Many neglect the need for theology because it’s entailment with seminary, which some people think it quells passion and makes it’s once passionate students redundant. This is a sad pattern of thought which when reading Coffeehouse Theology Cyzewski writes about the importance of theology for the church and missions. Without theology (reflections on God) we can’t understand or explain our faith. This book does that and tells us about contextual theology, where each theology is reflected in a local context. I like this emphasis.

Theology should be deep, steeped in tradition and history but also relevant to a given society. The writers of the New Testament were contextual theologians, and it’s good for us to learn from them. Strengths of the book includes it’s reader accessibility, diagrams for helping us think in terms of the ideas presented in the book, and each chapter finishes with a list of books one might need to read for deeper knowledge based on the chapters of Coffeehouse Theology. I’m happy to promote this book!

You can read other reviews about the book by following this link.

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