School For Pregnant Teens=Premarital Sex?

School For Pregnant Teens=Premarital Sex?

This was the sort of reply that some gave when the first school for pregnant teens was opened here in the soils of Malaysia on Friday according to reports.

I still am scratching my head at such childish equations being given by some so called responsible adults who does not no a rats ass about compassion and the plight to restore social dignity to those who have undergone the experience of being pregnant in their premarital stage. It hurts more if they are teens.

With such notions of thought these types of comments from immature citizens have no heart in them for the fallen. For starter having such a school does not in fact promote premarital sex, since before any such attempts of starting such a thing it was in fact already there.

If there is anything worth to censor start with the TV or in a more extreme case don’t go out of the house. Because outside you will be easily influenced alright.

And this is the way I start today by ranting! Well, it was something that needed to be addressed.

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