Scripture and Inerrancy

Peter Enns
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I think a few years back, say, two years back I read about Peter Enns. He’s was an OT Scholar at one of those great Seminaries in the States. And as I read on he was sort of relieved from his position as a lecturer because of a book he wrote which deals with issues of how we think about scripture.

Well being curious, I went and bought the book; “Inspiration and Incarnation“. Well I actually ordered it because I couldn’t find it in the local bookstores. When it arrived I was mesmerized by the things that I discovered reading through the book. Challenging stuff that is. But none that made me want to trash my bible and say it is not the word of God.

I was actually more strengthened in how I viewed the bible not to mention more confident in thinking through the controversial parts. Which is why I was disturbed at the kind of remarks that scholars have tended to see in reading his book. Maybe I’m just a lowly student. I don’t actually have a PhD in biblical studies to be able to come up with good conclusions.

Anyway I’d like to read other opinions about Enns’ book as well. I’ll get my chance because I have G.K. Beale’s “The Erosion of Inerrancy” which I got a hold of yesterday. I’m not sure when I would be able to interact with this book but it would probably best to say after I’ve labored with my impending assignments.

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